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Strange first chance exception when running the compiler in Qt Creator

  • Hello,

    I am testing my Qt Widgets application. It runs fine (both the debug build and the release build) and doesn't throw any exception. However, if I run the debugger from Qt Creator (with F5), I get a first chance exception when the application starts:

    :-1: error: Exception at 0x7fff13ab7788, code: 0xa1a01db1: , flags=0x0 (first chance)

    and another one when the application exits:

    :-1: error: Exception at 0x7fff13ab7788, code: 0xa1a01db2: , flags=0x0 (first chance)

    Despite these messages though, the program runs fine. I looked around and I could not find an explanation.

    I am not including any source code, since the application is very large and uses many libraries, so I would need to know how to narrow down the portion of code that is causing the problem.

    I am tried with Qt 5.6.1, Qt 5.7.0 and the compilers MSVC2013 and MSVC2015 and it behaves in the same way every time.

  • Two questions that might help you narrow it down: First, do you have your debugger set to break on C++ exceptions? Second, do you have the "Ignore first change access violations" option set?

  • Hi, thank you for your reply. Both those options were disabled. I still get the same messages if I select either one or both of those options. Could you explain in what cases those settings may be helpful?

  • If you turn on the "Break on C++ Exceptions" and run in the debugger, I expect it to stop on that exception and show you the call stack, which will usually help you figure out what is causing the issue.

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