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Adding items to Grid

  • Hey
    I'm working on a homework to implement the STRIPS algorithm.
    link to the project STRIPS.
    I want a way to copy the objects in the left square (which are small squares 20x20) to the right square as complete objects (object that is 4 small squares should be 80x80 one big square) , so the user can arrange them how he like , and the begin the STRIPS algorithm.

    • How can I add rectangle to the Grid from javascript ?
    • How to allow drag and drop for these items ?

    Program screenshot
    Thank you

  •  function addObject(object){
            var theWidth = (Math.abs(object[0].x - object[1].x)+1) * MyScripts.blockSize;
            var theHeight = (Math.abs(object[0].y - object[1].y)+1) * MyScripts.blockSize;
            var theX = (object[0].x < object[1].x ? object[0].x : object[1].x) * MyScripts.blockSize ;
            var theY = (object[0].y < object[1].y ? object[0].y : object[1].y) * MyScripts.blockSize;
            var theColor = MyScripts.getAcolor(object[2] - 3);
            var comp = Qt.createComponent("newBlock.qml");
            var myb = comp.createObject(hisGrid , {"x":theX ,"y": theY,"width":theWidth ,"height":theHeight,"myColor":theColor });

    I succeed to do it !
    Now the only thing that left is getting the drag and drop part to work.

    • How to make the blocks drag-able , and to drop only on the gray small blocks (the blacks are "walls" ) , and to drop it on fixed place (not on half a square) ?


  • I used the code from this example : Qt drag and drop.
    But it didn't work ! The objects drag fine, but don't drop on the required location !
    Any help please ?

    DropArea {
        id: dragTarget
        property string colorKey : ""
        property alias dropProxy: dragTarget
        property string myColor: "white"
        width: MyScripts.blockSize; height: MyScripts.blockSize;
        keys: [ colorKey ]      // empty. so every color can drop, except for black blocks (walls) it then "black" so no object drop on wall
        Rectangle {
            id: dropRectangle
            anchors.fill: parent
            color: myColor
            states: [
                State {
                    when: dragTarget.containsDrag
                    PropertyChanges {
                        target: dropRectangle
                        color: "grey"
    Item {        //these are created dynamically using Qt.createObject() 
        id: root
        property string colorKey
        MouseArea {
                id: mouseArea
                width: parent.width; height: parent.height
                anchors.centerIn: parent
                onReleased: parent = !== null ? : root
                Rectangle {
                    id: tile
                    width: parent.width; height: parent.height
                    anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter
                    anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
                    color: colorKey
                    Drag.keys: [  ]
                    Drag.hotSpot.x: 32
                    Drag.hotSpot.y: 32
                    states: State {
                        ParentChange { target: tile; parent: root }
                        AnchorChanges { target: tile; anchors.verticalCenter: undefined; anchors.horizontalCenter: undefined }

  • I got it to work by setting keys itself instead of setting colorKey to black .
    Now I have another problem, when the object drop, it shrink to one small square, although when clicked it restore to the original position with original size.
    How can I fix this also how to get the new x,y coordinator after dropping an object ?


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