WebRTC in Raspberry Pi 3 using QWebEngine

  • I'm trying to load WebRTC "Basic getUserMedia demo" on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B using QtWebEngine. But the problem is QWebEngineView does not detect any media devices. When I execute my Qt application I got "Basic getUserMedia demo" page with "black" preview. I also try "Select camera, microphone and speaker" demo and it does not display any devices in drop down boxes.

    For this demo I use Qt version 5.7 code base and cross compile it to Raspberry Pi.

    Also I got following log when I execute my application on Raspberry Pi:

    Unable to query physical screen size, defaulting to 100 dpi.
    To override, set QT_QPA_EGLFS_PHYSICAL_WIDTH and QT_QPA_EGLFS_PHYSICAL_HEIGHT (in millimeters).
    WebEngineTwo Constructor
    [0220/231731:INFO:browser_main_loop.cc(217)] Running without the SUID sandbox! See https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/master/docs/linux_suid_sandbox_development.md for more information on developing with the sandbox on.
    [0220/231731:VERBOSE1:child_thread_impl.cc(357)] Mojo is disabled on child
    [0220/231731:VERBOSE1:audio_manager_pulse.cc(257)] Failed to connect to the context.  Error: Connection refused
    [0220/231732:VERBOSE1:sandbox_linux.cc(152)] Lacking support for seccomp-bpf sandbox.
    [0220/231732:VERBOSE1:zygote_main_linux.cc(551)] ZygoteMain: initializing 0 fork delegates
    [0220/231732:VERBOSE1:child_thread_impl.cc(357)] Mojo is disabled on child

    In my test aplication I use setFeaturePermission function to grant permission to media devices. This test application works fine on Ubuntu 16.04 (x86) environment.

    I try my test application with CSI and USB cameras on Raspbian and Ubuntu MATE operating systems, and I got same "black square" for preview.

    What's the status of WebRTC in QWebEngineView on Raspberry Pi? Is it broken or not supported on Raspberry Pi platform?

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