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How to use flags as custom widget property type in QT?

  • I have trouble to use flags as QT custom widget property type. The expected property does not show on QT Designer property editor.

    The code is as below:

    #ifndef SVBASICDEMO_H
    #define SVBASICDEMO_H
    #include <QString>
    #include <QtUiPlugin/QDesignerExportWidget>
    #include <QWidget>
    #include <QLabel>
    #include "svbasicwidget.h"
    namespace Company {
    namespace Product {
    namespace Widget {
    namespace Basic {
    class QDESIGNER_WIDGET_EXPORT SvBasicDemo : public SvBasicWidget
            Q_PROPERTY(QString url_prop MEMBER url_prop NOTIFY propertyChange) 
            Q_PROPERTY(Priority enum_prop MEMBER enum_prop NOTIFY propertyChange)
            Q_PROPERTY(AccessTypes flag_prop MEMBER flag_prop NOTIFY propertyChange)
            Q_PROPERTY(Qt::Alignment flag_prop_2 MEMBER flag_prop_2 NOTIFY propertyChange)
        void propertyChange();
        public slots:
        void updateProperty();
        SvBasicDemo(QWidget *parent = 0);
        virtual void refresh_binding_cb();
        virtual QString help_info() const;
        enum Priority { High, Low, VeryHigh, VeryLow };
        enum AccessType { Read = 0x1, Write = 0x2 };
        Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(AccessTypes, AccessType)
        QString url_prop;
        Priority enum_prop;
        AccessTypes flag_prop;
        Qt::Alignment flag_prop_2;
        QLabel label;

    The result in qt designer property editor is shown as below: enter image description here
    alt text
    You can see property enum_prop (use custom enum) and flag_prop_2 (use built in flag Qt::Alignment) works as expected. But property flag_prop is missing.

    I have study the code in "%QT_ROOT%\Qt5.6.0\5.6\msvc2013\include\QtWidgets\qgraphicsview.h"。 And did not figure out why.

    Could anyone give me some hint about why it does not work as expected? Thanks in advance.

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