Is it possible to integrate Motif widget in Qt5?

  • Hi,

    I've been stuck in this problem for a while.

    In Qt3 and Qt4, we can use qtmotif and qtmotifwidget to do motif widget integration.
    A really simple program(based on examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel) is made as an example, I put it on github, please download it from this link:

    In Qt5, qtmotif and qtmotifwidget are deprecated, and lots of XWindow related API are removed.

    I tried to comment out all removed API in qtmotif and qtmotifwidget to get the program built using Qt5, then when I run it, found that none XEvent received from XServer at xcb level.

    Is motif widget support dropped in Qt5?
    Is there an alternative solution?


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    This version says it works with Qt5

    Rewriting it for Qt is not an option?

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