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QML on Web again.

  • I'm pretty sure that this topic appeared here few times but next major release isn't so far away so maybe it's a good moment to refresh it.

    3 or even more years ago I saw a QML web engine provided by Anton Kreuzkamp and Thomas McGuire. For a long time I thought that this project is dead until I came across this repository which seems to be still active I assume that the latest version can be tested here but after few tries it seems that It cannot handle even simple basics so developing something little bigger than hello world/calculator can be a nightmare without knowledge of web technologies

    Except QmlWeb we still have tools like WT (witty) or cutelyst web framework but they're not so interesting and friendly like mentioned library so I'd like to ask people from Qt team to reveal plans about idea of QML that would work on the web. Is there any chance for official support to at least something similar in... lets say Qt 6.x? Anyone knows anything about this?

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