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Get running GUI applications (opened windows) in Linux, QML.

  • Greetings!.
    I want to make a dock panel (like plank or the mac dock) with c++ and qml and i would like to know how could i get the opened GUI applications to show in the dock in Linux. Is there a Qt way to do it?
    Also, to make the dock I'm using a window object with the Qt.FramelessWindowHint flag, is there a better or more appropriate way to do it?.
    Thank you.

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    I have not completely understood the requirement. Can you check QDesktopServices ?

  • I apologise if I wasn't clear, I am asking how can I get the opened windows, the currently running programs with an UI, the ones that should be shown in a taskbar or a dock (Firefox, qt creator, mail clients etc) on a Linux system with Qt. Thanks for your suggestion but unfortunately QDesktopServices doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for.