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Error "Cannot instantiate QtProjectEngine object!" when making a Qt 5.7.1 project in Visual Studio 2015

  • I finally gathered up the courage to start learning Qt. I've been using Visual Studio 2015 all this time so I've decided to hook up Qt to it. I did it with the help of a tutorial on Youtube, but whenever I try to start a Qt project I get the error mentioned in the title. Could anyone please help me solve it?

  • are you using Visual Studio Add-in 2.0.0 for Qt5 MSVC 2015 from ?

  • No. Should I be?

  • That is the tool integrating Qt into the Visual Studio build process seamlessly so, yeah

  • Ok after Installing it I still couldn't make any projects under "Qt5" but I was able to make them under "Qt". There are options for "Qt Active Server", "Qt Class Library", "Qt Console Application", "Qt Designer Custom Widget" and "Qt GUI application". Most of the tutorials give examples with Qt Widget applications so I'm guessing the GUI application is the equivalent of that?

  • Qt5 is the menu from the old addin that shouldn't even be installable in VS 2015, just remove it.
    "Qt GUI application" should work both for QtWidgets and QtQuick

  • Okay. Quick question. How do I access the .pro files of my project in VS2015? If they even exist of course, because I can't see them in the Solution Explorer. I can see the header files, the source files, the ui files and everything but not .pro.

  • The VS addin makes your project only rely on the VS build chain, it does not use qmake so no .pro file is necessary. if you need the .pro file to distribute you application and/or deploy it on other OSs you can right click on your project and export it to .pro file. Again, any change you make to the .pro file will not in any way impact your visual studio project

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