Add custom font for Quick Controls 2 in Android

  • Dear Guys
    Is it possible to add custom font in Qt Quick Controls 2 Android Application like font face?
    In android it's possible to add custom font

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    @Advanced Add you custom fonts inside resource files and load them as:

    • In QML using FontLoader load and assign them to each QML component's attached property
    • Use QFont and apply it globally by setting it to QGuiApplication.

  • If you consider using V-Play, you could also set the font app-wide from QML

     import VPlayApps 1.0
     import QtQuick 2.5
     App {
       onInitTheme: {
         Theme.normalFont = arialFont
       FontLoader {
         id: arialFont
         source: "fonts/Arial.ttf" // loaded from your assets folder
       Page {
         AppText {
           text: "I'm in Arial"

  • With Qt Quick Controls 2, you can specify a custom font in QML:

    Qt Quick Controls 2 provides natural inheritance for fonts. Specifying a custom font at window level means that the font propagates to all child controls and popups in the window. And when specifying a custom font for a control/popup, the font propagates to its child controls.

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