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    I am developing a UI for a work project. We would like the interface to have similar aesthetics as the Qt > Tools > Options window. I have downloaded the QT source code as well as the QT Creator source code. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. For reference, I'm currently using QT 5.7. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    The left pane is a QListView with probably a QStandardItemModel behind it whose selection controls the index of a QStackedWidget (the right part). Inside each page of the stack there is a QLabel with the title and a QTabbedWidget.

    The most difficult thing to implement is the filter QLineEdit at the top, you'll need a custom QSortFilterProxyModel for that

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    something like this example?

  • @raven-worx

    Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't realize there was an example on it, silly mistake on my part. Thank you very much!

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