Strange error building qtwebengine component on Windows (5.7.1)

  • All,

    I am building Qt 5.7.1 on Windows 10, MSVC 2013, using all of the suggested tools (Python, Git versions, jom, etc). Aside from a few path-length-related issues which took a little while to resolve, things went fine until I hit this during the "ninja" component of the build:

    [2138/12830] RULE Generating Mojo bindings from /vibration_manager.mojom
    ninja: build stopped: .
    ninja: error: WriteFile(device_vibration_mojo_bindings_target_device_vibration_mojo_bindings_mojom_bindings_generator_539d6a9c9e818e40e5aecfdba8f4a779.167596910ff877b1fb6d85f1663dbf91.rsp): Unable to create file. No such file or directory
    jom: C:\cygwin\home\gehlhaar\qt5.7.1\qt-everywhere-enterprise-src-5.7.1\qtwebengine\src\core\Makefile.gyp_run.Debug [invoke_ninja] Error 1

    This error seems to be coming from the Python part of ninja. Not sure what to do at this point.


  • Have you already solved this problem? I meet the same problem.

  • In case anyone else hits the same problem, it is probably a path length issue. See for a similar problem.

    I had this problem and reduced the path length and now QtWebEngine has built fine.

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