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How to adapt qml ui files to custom application installer ?

  • Hi, everyone !
    When I custom application installer, traditionally, XXX.ui files are used. However, XXX.qml files tend to be more convenient for ui designation. Now, I wonder how to use XXX.qml file to disign application installer ui ?
    Could anyone help me ? Thanks a lot !

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    @small_bird How did you create the custom application installer ?
    .ui.qml files are Qt Quick UI forms which are generally used if you want to use Qt Quick designer for designing the QtQuick UI. They too are qml files and QML engine handles them too.

    Now, I wonder how to use XXX.qml file to disign application installer ui ?

    If you want to use .qml files then you have to write code for each QML component you intend to use in your application.

  • @p3c0 Yes, I know what you mean. Now I'd like to use qt installer framwork to design my installer. The installer has it's pages, traditionally, the pages are designed using XXX.ui files. Now, I want to use XXX.ui.qml files to design pages of installer. How to achieve that ?

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    @small_bird Just tried the Qt Installer framework for he first time and I seem to understand your question now. Please ignore my earlier reply.
    From what I observe and as you said it uses ui files which I see are actually Qt widgets based(earlier I misunderstood it as ui.qml).
    The binarycreator tool parses these files and other stuff to create the installer. So IMO its all coded in that tool and I doubt it will be possible to replace these widgets ui with QML ui.

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