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Firebase v3 C++

  • Hi -
    Has anyone gotten Firebase v3 C++ to work with Qt?

    I've tried to follow the iOS Firebase C++ & CocoaPods example at
    which uses analytics, auth and database features to make a minimal Qt app without CocoaPods.

    I cut&paste Firebase C++ code from the sample testapp/src/common_main.cc and try to set & get integers in my public read/write database. I include the frameworks and source in testapp/Pods in the Pro file at

    The app compiles and begins to run. The database ref is reported as valid, but database set/get hangs in WaitForComplete() waiting for future.Status() to be updated. After 60s there is a timeout error "CFNetwork SSLHandshake failed (-9806)".

    Any ideas of what is wrong? I can read/write to the database using curl.

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