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Qt's signal-driven design is simulation of signal of UNIX?

  • Hi guys.

    I am using PyQt5 in the my develop project. I have a question on that project design. I need event-driven in my project for the multi window system. But, Qt is a signal-driven. So, I fixed event-driven to signal-driven on my project for the simple design.
    Qt's signal-driven is a real signal? That is a simulation of signal of UNIX for the software design? That is able of communication of process to process?
    Do not I have to worry too much to the multi driven on design?


  • Qt is event-driven? "signal" and "slot" is a I/F of event-driven?

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    Signals are still just messages put on an event queue and executed.
    When you use connect, you can ask it to use Queued connect and then
    it works between threads.

    yes Qt is event driven.

  • Hi mrjj. Thanks to response.
    I understood it by your answer. Thank you.

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