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Use custom widget button in QMessageBox

  • Hello everybody,
    I now appeal to your acquaintances because I find it difficult to achieve something.
    I have a custom button. I would like this button to be the button that is in the QMessageBox.
    I would like to promote the QMessageBox buttons by my custom buttons.
    For my custom button, I have already create a class (for custom widget).

    Thank you for your help.


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    There's no widget promotion involved because you can't use QMessageBox in the designer, but you can do it from code.
    QMessageBox supports all widgets derived from QAbstractButton as custom buttons. For example:

    class MyFancyButton : public QPushButton {
        MyFancyButton(const QString& text, QWidget* parent = nullptr) : QPushButton(text, parent) {}
    QMessageBox box(QMessageBox::Warning, "Hello", "I'm using a fancy button!", QMessageBox::NoButton, parent);
    box.addButton(new MyFancyButton("Foo"), QMessageBox::AcceptRole);
    box.addButton(new MyFancyButton("Bar"), QMessageBox::RejectRole);

  • Thank for you answer.
    I have 3 errors now..

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    I have 3 errors now.

    Sorry, but have you bothered to read them? ;)

    The first one: parent is a wrong identifier in this scope. I just used 'parent' as a placeholder. You need to put an actual parent in there. In your case it might be this for example.
    The other two - I have a constructor in MyFancyButton example that takes a string literal as a parameter. Do you have such a constructor in your MsgButton class? Can you show your constructor's signature?

  • Yes.
    My class "MsgButton" is here.

    #ifndef MSGBUTTON_H
    #define MSGBUTTON_H
    #include <QPushButton>
    #include <QPropertyAnimation>
    #include <QMessageBox>
    class MsgButton : public QPushButton
           Q_PROPERTY( QColor   BackgroundColor    READ backgroundColor  WRITE setBackgroundColor DESIGNABLE true )
          MsgButton(const QString& text, QWidget* parent) : QPushButton(text, parent)
               m_Animation = new QPropertyAnimation(this, "BackgroundColor", this);
               m_Animation->setDuration( 275 );
               m_Animation->setEasingCurve( QEasingCurve::InCurve );
               m_BackgroundColor = Qt::transparent;
               this->setBackgroundColor( QColor(55,55,58) );
           QColor backgroundColor() const
                return m_BackgroundColor;
           void setBackgroundColor( const QColor & color )
               if( m_BackgroundColor != color )
                   m_BackgroundColor = color;
                   this->setStyleSheet( QString("MsgButton { border: 1px solid; color: rgb(200,200,200); background-color: rgb(55,55,58); border-color: %1;  }").arg( );
           virtual void enterEvent( QEvent * event )
                if( m_Animation->state() == QAbstractAnimation::Running )
                m_Animation->setEndValue( QColor(44,122,205) );
           virtual void leaveEvent( QEvent* event )
                QVariant currentColor = m_Animation->currentValue();
                if( m_Animation->state() == QAbstractAnimation::Running )
                m_Animation->setEndValue( QColor(55,55,58) );
           QPropertyAnimation*     m_Animation;
           QColor                   m_BackgroundColor;
    #endif // MSGBUTTON_H

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    The difference is you didn't make your second parameter optional, so there' s no constructor taking only string literal.

    The fix is to either give the parameter default value (that's usually the case with Qt's widgets):

    MsgButton(const QString& text, QWidget* parent = nullptr) : QPushButton(text, parent)

    or actually specify the parameter at call site:

    box.addButton(new MsgButton("Foo", nullptr), QMessageBox::AcceptRole);

    Btw. You should move your implementation into a .cpp file or you'll get a lot of linker errors when you include your header in more than one place.

  • Oh ok thanks.
    Now i have actually 1 error (2 but is the same)..
    Screenshot :

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    nullptr is a C++11 keyword. To use it add CONFIG += c++11 in the .pro file and click Build->Run qmake. If you don't want to use C++11 (why not?) just change nullptr to Q_NULLPTR, or, as a last resort, to 0.

  • T H A N K.
    Happy new year! :-)

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