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How to Print .docx file dynamically in Qt using ActiveQt ( and some more ActiveQt questions )

  • This is some of the questions that I have during my time working with ActiveQt to handle .docx files.

    1. What is the dynamicCall function that is used to Print .docx files in Qt?
    2. How to write Bold and Italic text using dynamicCall("TypeText(const QString&)" ( or is there any other way to do it)
    3. How to write /n ( go down one line ) using dynamicCall
    4. When opening a .docx file using documents->querySubObject("Open(const QString&, bool)" , sometimes it returns Word error (such as it's being opened by Word, or "the last time you open this file it show some error",... ). However, the error dialog won't show until I open Task Manager and double click on the process. How to make these error dialogs show automatically ?
    5. How to reposition the cursor to
      _ the end of an opened document ( opened with the fucntion in question 3 )
      _ the exact middle position of the line that containing the cursor

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