How select an audio output device for WebEngineView?

  • I'm working on an application that support multiple VR headsets as well as desktop. When a user activates a VR headsest, I need to be able to change the audio output for the QML layer to the appropriate device.

    I've figured out how to do this for the pure QML layer. I'm able to fetch the corresponding QMediaPlayer, and from there fetch the QMediaService and from that the QAudioOutputSelectorControl.

    I can't seem to find any mechanism for altering the audio output for WebEngineView objects embedded in my UI. I can't find anything in the WebEngineView that exposes any of these types. In fact it looks as though the only code related to audio in the web engine source code has to do specifically with allowing capture of host audio / video, rather than audio output from the rendered pages.

    Is there any way to redirect the audio output from WebEngineView?

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