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Debug into non Qt class

  • I am new to Qt but not C++

    I have created a set of classes using only STL and no Qt classes. I have placed these into a Qt project so that I can create a Gui to interact with the classes.

    When debugging, I can step through the Gui Qt classes but I cant step through my class functions. The debugger just steps over them. I know my class are working because they return the correct information.
    If I put breakpoints into my functions, the debugger does not stop on them.

    I assume I have to change a setting somewhere for this to work correctly but I am lost in the documentation. Any pointers on were to start.

    I am using Qt 2.1 on Ubuntu 11.04

  • Ha, Found the problem.

    Forced a clean build on my Qt project and the debugger is now able to step into my classes. Works great.

    Usual user error!!

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