Dynamic block diagram - QGraphicsView, QML ? Where to start ?

  • Hi QT Forum,
    I'm revamping an old project mde by someone else where there was an area with a dynamic diagram (see image below). In other words, I could move my green blocks and connect inputs/outputs easily.

    Honestly, I do not know where to start. Here are my requirements :

    • Dynamic edition of the diagram (drag & drop, etc).
    • Blocks with inputs/outputs defined by the dev.
    • "Automatic" connection.

    In other words, I want something +/- similar to Labview or GNURadio (for those who know those tools).

    Where should I start ? QGraphicsView ? QML stuff ?

    alt text

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    Hi and welcome
    What about
    It has most of what you need for such editor.


    • Blocks with inputs/outputs defined by the dev.

    For this you need some spec file for each item. Maybe use xml or json for that.
    I assume you already have something in place ?

  • Hi mrjj,
    Yes, for inputs/outputs, there is a kind of spec file (a simple .txt with inputs/outputs and a few parameters). But, it was left undocumented, Windows-only, etc. So yes, I was thinking about an XML specification file to configure my block.

    Thanks for your link, I'll have a look at it.

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    Ok. xml or json both very easy to work with in Qt.
    Might be overkill though depending on the spef files complexity.

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