QtWebEngine "Uncaught NotSupported Error: Failed to executed" on "MediaSource"

  • I'm trying to build a QtWebEngine in Qt5.6.2 clang 2 panel that opens a HTML5 Media Player, so I setup my page and run it locally, and the video renders fine in various browsers.

    I than build the various examples based on QtWebEngine (which should be based on Chromium).

    When I open my page, the player starts, but no video is displayed and the application output starts throwing errors?

    js: Uncaught NotSupportedError: Failed to execute 'addSourceBuffer' on 'MediaSource': The type provided ('video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42E01E, mp4a.40.2"') is unsupported.

    Any ideas on how I should compile this to display my video in this player?


    I have now found that I should be compiling with the flags:


    I tried adding this to my qmake command in QtCreator, but this doesn't not seem to have any effect

    qmake /Users/jordanbaucke/Qt/Examples/Qt-5.6/webengine/minimal/minimal.pro -spec macx-clang CONFIG+=debug CONFIG+=x86_64 CONFIG+=qml_debug WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=use_proprietary_codecs && /usr/bin/make qmake_all

    I've decided to checkout QtWebKit (branch 5.6), and build from source. With the appropriate flags. If it is functional, how do I ensure that the necessary flags are compiled into when I use QtWebKit in other projects?

    Update 2

    Still no luck! I built the afromentioned QtWebKit library from source and attempted to run the demos...unfortunately they had the same result?!

    ~/Documents/workspace/qtwebengine$ ~/Qt/5.6/clang_64/bin/qmake WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=use_proprietary_codecs
    Info: creating cache file /Users/jordanbaucke/Documents/workspace/qtwebengine/.qmake.cache
    Running configure tests
    Checking for khr... no
    Checking for snappy... no
    Checking for srtp... no
    Proprietary codecs (H264, MP3).... Enabled
    Geolocation....................... Enabled