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QT Quick vs Qt Widgets

  • Hello there,

    As i mention before i am trying to develop a Gui for a NoC simulation. I will take the information from the simulator and sent it to my gui and do the logic there(extract the information i need most probably i will sent the through sockets or pipes)
    My qui will be a mesh like interconnection and i will show what happen in every cycle in each router(square block) (2d - mesh)

    So my question is which one should i choose Qt Quick or Qt Widgets(i will mostly use different colors for each packet traversing network- show path and use some button and something like a list view to show more info on network)
    I already check in the internet but the answers didnt help me alot -I did a little program in QT quick with a button calling the c++ function but idk which would be better choice when i need to do some animation and extract the data from the simulation...

    Thanks in advance

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Since you can mix as you like, it dont have to exclude each other.
    Aimation wise, Qt Quick (QML) is feature rich so maybe GUI as
    QUICK and backbone c++ for reading from simulation.

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