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Program not executable and permissions problems

  • Hi ! I'm a complete newbie in C++ programming and Qt Creator and I created a short program in Mageia Linux using Qt. The original file runs well but if I upload that file on the net and download it again the downloaded file is no longer executable and I have to tick the option to make it executable in the properies. And even then it doesn't run. When started from the command line it says something about permissions error.

    What do I have to do to make it run in all circumstances and on all Linux distributions ?

  • I just discovered that when the program file is transferred as it is, the file attributes seem to change but when compressed in a .zip archive it works perfectly when unzipped.

  • Ok, I found that permissions are not kept when copying to a fat32 usb key in Linux and I think they also change when you transfer the files on your web page space, at least for an executable file.

    So problem solved, sorry that I created this discussion for nothing. The problem isn't related to Qt Creator after all.

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