• Hai all,
    I have tried to create GUI to render 3D Model. To render 3D model i used OSG engine. When I compiled the OSG first I have set BUILD_OPENTHREAD_WITH_QT option. When I tried to run my code with those libraries I got error message saying ot-openthread access violation error. When I built OSG without BUILD_OPENTHREAD_WITH_QT option I am able to execute my code successfully. I have installed QT 5.7 and OSG 3.4.0 . Is this issue is related to CMAKE option or with QT 5.7.

  • Hai :-) As OSG is not a part of our framework, I don't think the folks here can help you with this. You're probably better off asking the guys on the OSG forum.

  • @umadevi

    It's the problem of the Version. Both OSG and Qt has to be from same Compiler. Make sure that you are using the right Qt version. In CMake, When configuring, please the version of the Qt. And When you built OSG, you should check the build with Qt.

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