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Plotting library

  • I've become a bit unsatisfied with QWT as a plotting library for Qt. Does anyone know of a better cross-platform plotting library that could be embedded into a Qt application?

  • As I know Qwt is the best plot library based on Qt.

  • Qwt is pretty good for static plots. It isn't really fit for making highly dynamic plots.

  • @Franzk

    Yes. This is my concern. The plots I'm using are fully interactive, and show graphs of many different items of homogenous data. The data has a high dynamic range also.

  • At my company we wrote our own for that particular reason. There are not many good alternatives available. I'm afraid our implementation isn't going to be public any time soon, if at all.

  • Not sure what exactly you mean by plotting (scientific graphs like the ones gnuplot does? more business-style graphs?), but ... (warning for shameless plug) KDAB has a charting/plotting component called "KD Chart": that might do what you want (end warning)

  • @kalle
    I'm looking for a plotting library that can plot data interactively. Specifically, I wish to render 1D histogram like curves that are spline smoothed, allow overlay with seperate axes on the left and right. The plots need to be rendered as "filled" plots (i.e. color under the curve), but the fill area needs to be controllable by user interaction. Automatic scaling, labeling, legending, and coloring would also be nice. The qwt library almost delivers what I need. However, I find its interface non-intuitive and its 2D plot rendering leaves a lot of features out.

    I looked at KD Chart, and it may be what I am looking for. Of course, I'm only interested in free, open-source solutions.

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