'Debug Error! ASSERT: "extents.intersects(rect)"'

  • I'm not really sure where to even start with this bug.

    I am working on a mildly complicated program. On the current tab I have a listbox. The user clicks on a file and a QString of the file path is sent to a second class that loads the image, processes it, and then alerts the main widget when it is done with a signal. When the signal is received the scene in the tab is cleared and the QImage is retrieved from the second widget and placed in the scene. It all works wonderfully... until you repeat this exactly 16 times.

    Why 16 I have no earthly idea. the images are 640x480.

    The error I get is
    "Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library
    Debug Error!
    File: global\qglobal.cpp
    Line: 2970
    ASSERT: "etents.intersects(rect)" in file painting\qregion.cpp, line 1248
    (press Retry to debug the application)

    pressing retry just alerts me that "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in Thesis_GUI.exe [15220]

    I tried googling for answers and found this page. But I am running Qt 5.5.0 so the fixes are already applied.


    I am at a complete loss here folks.

  • ...I'm new to Qt, have only been using it since June. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

    It turns out I had 2 boxes in the scene that I generated every time an image was loaded. I sized that image based on the size of the scene. I made them larger than the scene and placed them to the left and right of the scene to use with sliders as kind of a window I could slide back and forth with a slider. So what ended up happening was the scene width started at about 1000 then went 3000 -> 9000 -> 27000->81000->243000->729000->2187000->6561000->19683000->59049000->177147000->531441000->1594323000->4782969000->14348907000

    I just didn't realize the scene width adjusted when you added new items.... It totally makes sense that it does though. This is a learning experience!

  • also... not sure how to mark this thread as "solved" or if that's something a mod does.

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    click on topic tool (bottom right) and then mark as solved http://forum.qt.io/topic/62700/hitchhiker-s-visual-guide-to-the-qt-forum

    Thanks for providing the solution!

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