Shaders problem with OpenSceneGraph and osgQT

  • Hi !

    I hope someone here will be able to help me.

    Here is my problem : I'm working on a GIS app based on Qt, OpenScenegraph and OpenGL.

    I'm using dockable widgets, based on osgQt::GLWidget, which is a QGLWidget.

    I can load images and display them in thoses widgets, and I can also apply shaders (in GLSL).

    But if I

    • Load an image into a widget
    • load an apply a shader to this image
    • close the widget
      then this shader won't work for any of the next widgets I could Open.

    It's ok for other shaders.
    It's ok for next widgets as long as I do not close one of them.

    Any kind of help / hint is good, I made all the search I could about it and didn't find anythings.



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