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Loader asynchronous return "Object destroyed during incubation" error

  • Hi all
    The following code:

    Loader {
           id: myComponent
    	asynchronous: true
           source: "qrc:/MyComponent.qml"
    	visible: status == Loader.Ready

    inside my Main.qml doesn't load the MyComponent.qml and return the error "Object destroyed during incubation" but this only if I set the asynchronous to true. On the contrary asynchronous set to false work correctly and the component is loaded. If I leave MyComponent.qml with only a Rectangle for example without nothing inside is seem is loaded but, obviousluy, nothing is showed. If I start to add child item inside the Rectangle the error came up...
    Someone experimented the same issue and can help?
    Thank you

  • The problem has been reported here, it seem a bug still unresolved unfortunately...

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