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Qt.Quick.Controls 1.4: Resize TableView Columns with doubleclick

  • When I doubleclick on a column separator in my TableView it is resized to fit the content but the header size is ignored. I think this is due to this bug.
    I managed to implement a way to resize the columns of the table correctly and I use it whenever model data changes.
    Now I want to use it on doubleclick too! I think I would just need to implement a handler for that very signal that calls my resize function. But I cannot find this signal in the documentation.

    Does anybody know how to achieve what I'm trying to do?

  • Nobody? Really?
    Let me rephrase the question:
    Is it possible to change the behavior of resizing on doubleclick on column separator for Table VIew in Qt.Quick.Controls 1 without changing the C++ implementation of Table View itself?
    Yes or no?
    Please, there must be someone who can answer this question m(-_-)m

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