Regarding overwritting the existing data in the QSqlRelationalTableModel

  • Qt 4.8
    Does the QSqlRelationalTableModel::setFilter() overwrite the existing data in the model?
    myModelModel->setFilter( QString("QueueID=%1 LIMIT %2 ,%3")
    .arg( m_QueueId )
    .arg( fromIndex )
    .arg( toIndex ) );
    if i call the myModelModel->rowCount(), it gives the total no. (existing + after filtered out).

    how to get overwritting, i want rowCount of the model same always.

  • QSqlRelationalTableModel::setFilter() works calling a select so it will rebuild the model. You could use or subclass QSortFilterProxyModel to do the filtering and retain the original model

  • @VRonin you mean after filtering out, existing data will be overritten.

  • yes, calling setfilter will call select using the filter argument as WHERE clause so resetting the whole model

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