How to send text message from desktop application.

  • Anybody can guide in sending text message from Desktop application.

  • There is Twiio but since they do not support C++ (or even C) you'll have to use the JavaScript API wrapped in your app

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    Looks pretty cool but it seems it has start cost of
    "one-time setup fee of $650 " ?
    or did read that wrong ?

  • None of these services are free (for obvious reasons) sinch doesn't look to have a one-off fee

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    well would also just be bad
    business model if all was free :) ( for them)

    It does seems they are good to start with

    "The Sinch SMS API is enabled to send SMS at prices starting from just $0.005. Pay as you go. No additional monthly fees. No commitments."

    thx :)

  • Twilio is $650 if you want to use a short code in the US. Otherwise, you just pay $1 per month per number and then the per message charge.

    Also, you can use the REST API and just do simple POST/GET requests (using QNetworkAccessManager for example). I've done this successfully with python and the requests module.

  • @VRonin said:

    There is Twiio but since they do not support C++ (or even C)

    There is a third-party (read: unsupported) C++ library for Twilio -

    There's probably others too, but I used that one successfully a couple of years ago (with gcc C++ on CentOS).


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