Cannot reduce size of main window.

  • Hello
    i have made a login form , everything works perfectly fine.
    I have horizontal layout on the main window.
    The problem is when i run the program , i cannot reduce the size of the window horizontaly . i can do it vertically.
    Same happens in design mode , i can move the main window vertically but not horizontally.
    When i try to change geometry , it does not change , i tried all size policies , but nothing happens.
    What is the problem, is it because of the layout? or something else.
    Please help.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    well, did you set minimum size on something or have a QLabel with image?
    Did you call setFixedSize or something like that?

  • Hello
    I have a QLabel with an image , does that make a difference?
    It's not there on the designer , but still my designer does not resize horizontally even when the program is not running.
    I did not call setFixedSize and i did not set minimum size.
    Thank You

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi yes, i have such issue with image in QLabel and layouts.
    Try to clear it and see if its it :)

    also , just to test, if u make new project, does it allow to scale mainwin in designer?

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