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Qt large data sets

  • Hello , the question is - is qt able to view large data sets fast, like excel? Imagine qtableview with more than 1k rows.If you try to scroll the view u will see it's running pretty slow. What is the best practice to store large data sets and view it on a fly, like in excel ?I have found the article, but it seems outdated. Is there any advices from professionals? Thanks in advance!

  • I have a QTreeView + QStandardItemModel with more than 1000 rows, each having 1 or more child rows and spanning 10 columns all running 100% smooth. do you use custom delegates?

  • yes, also my custom model derived from QAbstractModel. Each cell contains about 3-4 QString params and 3-4 Booleans.1 row contain about 150 columns.

  • can you post the code for the paint() of your custom delegate? (spoiler alert: that's the bottleneck)

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