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Memory leak when using video tag to play webm

  • When we are using the Video tag to play back the webm format video in Windows 7, the memory is out of control, and going up till the application crashes. When you look at the task manager, the memory for the application is not excessive.

    Anyone experience the same problem? Is there an solution?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi! Are you talking about playing a video inside QWebEngineView or with QMediaPlayer?

  • @Wieland No, we are using the <video> tag in HTML5, together with JS to play webM format video. With 5.6, the video goes up all the time till the system crashes.

    The problem is disappeared in 5.7 with newer Chromium core, but it leads out a new problem as indicated the

    When we use 5.7, the memory is fairly stable, but then after the first run, the JS will fail to work with the application due to a bug in QwebchannelTransport.

    We tried to build QT from source code, but the WebEngine won't build (see my other post).

    We are looking for a compiled WebEngine module with the bugs fixed as indicated in the QTBug-53411.

    Thank you.