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Getting started with Qt Automotive

  • I found this article which sounds very promising got me very excite about the qt automotive project. They provided a link to this repository which appear to host many different qt projects. Right now I am a little confused as to where to go from here. There are a couple of projects in that repo with the word "automotive" in their name but I am not sure what they are suite for.

    What is the neptune automotive project? Is that a good place to start?

    Are there any tutorials or sample projects I could use to get started.
    Re: About Qt Automotive Suite

  • Hi @Aras
    Qt Automotive Suite is aimed at automotive manufacturers (and their software providers) rather than individual users.
    Qt Automotive Suite provides more modules and tools to these manufacturers to easier integrate Qt into their workflows and products. Many of these are fairly new Qt parts, like Qt3D or Qt Wayland compositor.

    The automotive mailing list is one place to follow if you are interested in what parts Qt Automotive Suite has.

    Neptune is an example of an instrument cluster. It is a demo meant to be run on embedded devices with a 1920x720 screen.

  • Thanks for the quick reply @tekojo !
    I am designing and will be building a user interface for an industrial vehicle. Our app will be running on a Linux HMI. I have a ton of work ahead of me, so I am trying to find some existing code that I could build up on. That is why I was looking at Neptune. Would I be able to run Neptune on my Linux development environment? I tried opening the project in QT Creator and building it, but when I go to run the project, it asks for executable. How can I configure the neptune project properly so I can run it on my dev machine?

  • @Aras
    Too complicated for me :) My experience on the neptune demo is limited to seeing it one time running at an event.

    Neptune looks like it could run on any machine, but it does have some imports in it. The Automotive list is probably the place to ask for tips.