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Creating an executable file with Sqlite libraries.

  • Good evening,

    I am creating an executable file to be able to run my GUI applications on a different computer. I created a folder with the required libraries for running the executable on a different computer that doesn't have QT installed and it works. I am wondering if I could do the same with SQLite libraries in QT, rather than installing the required software for SQLIte on the other computer to get the database working. Ive been searching but could only find old threads (4/5 years ago) that are outdated and not dependable. I created a subfolder in my main folder that has my (.exe) application in it called sqldrivers and copied all the (.dll) files from my qt>5.7>msvc2015_64>plugins>sqldrivers to it. I tested it out and the database doesnt work, so I am wondering if i need to include different libraries or I need to install SQLite software on the other computer.

  • These are the libraries in my sqldrivers sub folder:

  • Use windeployqt tool . It will create a deployable folder containing the dependencies .
    Additionally use Dependency Walker to find out required libraries.
    This may help u

  • @Ratzz Thanks for the information regarding windowdeploy. I tried that initially but couldnt get it to work, although my .exe works on a different computer. I was just wondering if i could do the same with SQLite, I included the folder regarding sqlplatforms.

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