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  • My process "A" use to map a portion of NVRAM device (it is at /dev/sram0) to a struct of data inside process A. So I don't need to care about saving variables to NVRAM, it happens transparent for me. It works ok.

    MyNvStruct * nvInfo:
    QFile nvfile;
    nvInfo = reinterpret_cast<MyNvStruct *>(,sizeof(MyNvStruct)));

    Now I need to use another portion of such a NVRAM device inside another process, process B. I dont need to share anything between process A and B , just to use the rest of NVRAM resourse inside another process.

    Is it possible to reopen /dev/sram0 with ReadWrite property inside another process?
    I would map NVRAM from sizeof(MyNvStruct) on.
    Both process run simultaneously and should access NVRAM resourse separately.

    Thanks in advance

  • /dev/sram0 will not be deleted by map so you can pass it to another process, an alternative would be to use a QLocalSocket to make the 2 processes talk to each other.

    nvInfo = reinterpret_cast<MyNvStruct *>(,sizeof(MyNvStruct)));
    Has the potential to create endless headaches if you ever assign memory on the heap inside MyNvStruct or the binary version you use in process A is different from the one in process B

    if you are interested in a pre-built memory map take a look here:

    It uses QDataStream::operator>> and QDataStream::operator<< of the class to read from and write to the mapped device, you need to implement:

    QDataStream&  operator<<(QDataStream & stream, const MyNvStruct& flows);
    QDataStream& operator>>(QDataStream & stream, MyNvStruct& flows);

    and then you can use the device more or less how you use QMap

  • VRonin, thank you for your quick response.
    I dont need to share memory between these 2 process, neither talk to each other. I just need to use /sram0 device (from advantech platforms) from 2 different process. taking care of course of not mapping the same portion of NVRAM in both process.

    Regarding headaches, I understand your advice. MyNvStruct is a very basic struct with just a couple of int and unsigned long, It does not grow dynamically. I am aware of this.

    So, It is posible open sram0 file from different process and thus share this NVRAM resourse, I have just tested. My question is now if this is a solid and well seen way to use NVRAM from different processess.
    Thank you very much

  • As long as you access it just for reading it should be safe

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