How to build Qt project with auto tools

  • I have a project built from autotool and I would like to add an ui for it. I would like to combine Qt's stuff into my original project. I make a new Qt Designer Form Class with default setting, mainwindow.cpp, mainwindow.h and mainwindow.ui, but I don't know how to build it. Any one knows how to do it?

    File sturcture

    I have tried to add the following into

    # Check for Qt libraries
    PKG_CHECK_MODULES(QT, [QtCore, QtGui, QtNetwork], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([Qt libraries are required.])])
    # Retrieve Qt compilation and linker flags
    CPPFLAGS="`$PKG_CONFIG --cflags-only-I QtCore QtGui QtNetwork` $CPPFLAGS"
    LDFLAGS="`$PKG_CONFIG --libs-only-L QtCore QtGui QtNetwork` $LDFLAGS"
    LIBS="`$PKG_CONFIG --libs-only-l QtCore QtGui QtNetwork` $LIBS"
    if ! `$PKG_CONFIG --atleast-version=4.6.0 QtCore`; then
       AC_MSG_ERROR([Qt >= 4.6.0 is required.])
    AC_CHECK_PROGS(MOC, [moc-qt5 moc-qt4 moc])
    AC_CHECK_PROGS(UIC, [uic-qt5 uic-qt4 uic])
    AC_CHECK_PROGS(RCC, [rcc])
     if test -z "$MOC" || test -z "$UIC" || test -z "$RCC"; then
       AC_MSG_ERROR([Qt utility programs moc, uic, and rcc are required.])

    I added the following into

    # qt project stuff
    moc_%.cpp: %.h
    ui_%.h: %.ui
    	@UIC@ -o $@ $<
    qrc_%.cpp: %.qrc
    	@RCC@ -o $@ $<

    But I get error

    undefined reference to `vtable for MainWindow'

    I found that people said those moc_ files are missing but I don't know how to fix it.

    Anyway, can anyone teach me how to build a Qt project with autotool?

  • Hi! Qt Creator has a plugin for working with Autotools ( Never used this myself but maybe it does what you want.

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