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Javascript debugging in qt webkit

  • Greeting

    I'm trying to debug java-script with qt web-kit but its not working.

    This is what i do. I right click on qt web-view and choose "Inspect", In inspector window, I go to "Scripts" tab, I choose "Only enable for this session / Always enable" then press "Enable Debugging" button. In java-script file, I place break point in function (by clicking on line number). I can see the line in "Breakpoints" group in right side of window as well. I perform a specific action which causes function's launch (in UI), But nothing happens, The break point not hit and function returns. I invoke function manually from the console by typing its name and arguments and still nothing happens. Function return without hitting break point.

    I Also enabled JavascriptEnabled.

    Im using QT 4.8 and Visual Studio 2008.

    Can any want tell me whats wrong here ?!

    Thanks in advanced

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