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How to compile qtwbeengine from Qt5.6 source?vs2015 win10

  • Is there a detailed tutorial?

    I read this page.wiki.qt.io/QtWebEngine_on_Windows

    Using the automatic setup:
    Clone Chromium's depot_tool repository http://www.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/install-depot-tools
    From this repo, launch
    python win_toolchain\toolchain2013.py —targetdir <a > [—express]

    I can't find toolchain2013.py in depot_tool.

    Do not have to use the depot_tool tool?

    I set manually like this:

    set GYP_DEFINES=windows_sdk_path="<path-to-WDK>"
    set GYP_MSVS_VERSION=2012e #or 2013e. For full version, remove the e
    set GYP_MSVS_OVERRIDE_PATH=<path-to-visual-studio>
    set GYP_GENERATORS=ninja
    set GYP_PARALLEL=1
    set WDK_DIR=<path-to-WDK>
    set WindowsSDKDir=<path-to-win8sdk>
    set PATH=<path-to-qt-bin-dir><path-to-qt-src>32\bin;

    is OK?

    Is there anything to choose from the configure ?

    Qtwebengine can static compile?