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Does Qt Creator support incremental build?

  • My current work is transplanting one project in Netbeans to Qt Creator, and "NetBeans IDE supports automatic checking of file dependencies and does its best to make incremental rebuild work correctly" at My question is weather Qt Creator have these abilities to support incremental build or need some plugins.

  • @Need4Speak
    Yes, it does if your building tools do.

    Qt creator is simply an IDE with editor and start functionality. I do not know enough Netbeans and I can relate only to C++.
    There you edit and source your source and finally start some sort of make. You have a free choice of a number of different make processes such as cmake, nmake, ... . Those make processes are external and whatever functionality they have is supported in your setup.

    Qt creator comes with qmake, but this is mainly used to setup and maintain automatically the input file for the make of your choice or what comes with your compiler.
    E.g. MinGW, the GNU based C++ compiler suite for windows has already its make and may be used seamlessly with Qt creator. The same on unix platforms with the GNU compiler set.

    Just clicked on to your link and it looks like you are looking for C++ support anyway.

    Therefore, the question would be what environment you are in?

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