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Qt IWF adding parameters to link definition

  • With the Qt install framework I am setting up also links in windows.

    Component.prototype.createOperations = function()

    if (systemInfo.productType === "windows") {
        component.addOperation("CreateShortcut", "@TargetDir@/ArramgeApplication.exe", "@StartMenuDir@/Arrange Application.lnk",
            "workingDirectory=@TargetDir@", "iconPath=@TargetDir@/Manager.exe");

    ArrangeApplication.exe requires 2 parameters. The first is basically an extended TargetDir and the second a fixed folder.
    When typing the parameters into the target line together with the command directly in the lnk file it is working. The problem is to place the parameters into the target line.
    I havetried to extend the second parameter in addOperation above, but this failed.

    Any ideas?

  • It is apparently a replace and an escape issue.

    component.addOperation("CreateShortcut", "@TargetDir@/ArramgeApplication.exe para1 para2", "@StartMenuDir@/Arrange Application.lnk",
        "workingDirectory=@TargetDir@", "iconPath=@TargetDir@/Manager.exe");

    Creates the installer and creates also a link and adds the two parameters.

    component.addOperation("CreateShortcut", "@TargetDir@/ArramgeApplication.exe @TargetDir@ para2", "@StartMenuDir@/Arrange Application.lnk",
        "workingDirectory=@TargetDir@", "iconPath=@TargetDir@/Manager.exe");

    Creates the installer, but fails when trying to create the lnk.