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BT: How to pair and add services

  • I'm playing with Bluetooth classes on Qt5.6.
    My goal is to handle the pairing of a client, showing up the pin and decide which services connect: A2DP and/or HFP.

    Right now I set the local adapter in discoverable mode:

    QBluetoothLocalDevice localDevice.setHostMode(QBluetoothLocalDevice::HostDiscoverable);

    then I connected all signals to related slots.
    From my smartphone I discover the adapter and once clicked the deviceConnected signal is fired. Now I call:

    localDevice.requestPairing(address, QBluetoothLocalDevice::Paired);

    The pairingFinished signal is fired and after few seconds also the deviceDisconnected one.

    Because I request "paired" mode I was expecting also the pairingDisplayPinCode and pairingDisplayConfirmation signals.

    Furthermore, how to add services? Is there an example?

  • You use QBluetoothLocalDevce it available?what's the LocalDevice.isValid() return back?