Qt5 android debugging windows

  • Hello,

    I am in the process of building Qt for android. I have all the SDK, NDK, etc. downloaded and Qt android packages as well. I am on win7.

    I can use android emulator and hardware and build a release version of a program and run it on the machines.

    But when I try debug the problems start. I think its a problem with NDK according to the debug log.

    The gdb process failed to start. Either the invoked program "C:/Android/android-ndk-r11c-windows-x86/android-ndk-r11c/toolchains/x86-4.9/prebuilt/windows/bin/i686-linux-android-gdb.exe" 
    I Qt JAVA : DEBUGGER: Waiting for debug socket connect
    I Qt JAVA : DEBUGGER: go to sleep

    I have tried to find answers what to do, where to get that binary, but it seems its no more offered. I got no clue if I have to use some visualGDB(?) or what to do here.

    Does anyone have android and debug on windows going gand in hand? I am pretty much starting on android (mobile) development and thought that having used Qt for c++ etc. QML+c++ would be the way to go. But this seems just too much work and hassle.

  • me too facing same problem. is there any solutions.

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