Threaded render loop on Windows/Angle

  • Hi,

    Running Qt 5.6.0/msvc2012/Windows 7/32-bit build

    I was following the documentation of Qt Quick Scene Graph to enable threaded render loop mode by setting QSG_RENDER_LOOP=threaded. (It defaulted to "windows"). This appears to work fine, and the main thread was offloaded enough to achieve the wanted headroom and performance/responsiveness boost I was looking for.

    But as I read the documentation closer I see the statement:
    "The non-threaded render loop is currently used by default on Windows with ANGLE or a non-default opengl32 implementation" ... "At the same time implementations like ANGLE or Mesa llvmpipe are not able to function properly with threaded rendering at all so not using threaded rendering is essential for these."

    Is this still true? As I read it I should not use threaded render loop on Windows with ANGLE. Can someone help me with the technical background for not running threaded render loop in this case?