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Using namespace in QML

  • Hi all, Anybody know how to do this ?

    I have a class which is derived from QQuickPaintedItem, which i used in my QML side for my custom drawing. Say MyGraphicScene.
    and i have another class say BaseShape which is derived from QObject, and have a 'has a' relation ship with my MyGraphicScene class.
    I my case all these class are under the namesapce called MyyApp::MyGraphicApp

    namespace MyyApp
    namesapce MyGraphicApp
    class MyGraphicScene: public QQuickPaintedItem
    BaseShape* pShape;

    so when i compile this, its fine, but during runtime, my plugin library could not be loaded beacuse of the undefined symbol error, when i remove the name space, everything works fine...
    Can anybody tell me why namespace is not recognize in QML, any solution please, I should go with name space anyway,

  • How do you register the type in QML?

  • @Praveen-kk said:


    I have registerd both BaseShape and MyGraphicScene class using qmlRegisterType<>()
    Only problem when using the name space.

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