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Error on installing qt sdk on mac 10.6.2

  • hi to every one
    i am trying to install qt sdk 1.1.1 on my mac 10.6.2
    i was installed xcode 2.2.1_8
    and now i am trying to install qt sdk ofline mac 64 v 1.1.1
    but it get me this eror
    what should i do?

  • Alternatively you could consider installing QT through "MacPorts":

  • how can i do that?
    can you explain me completely?

  • Well, go to and check out the "Getting started" section. Download it, install MacPorts itself. But, be warned. You'd need quite a while to get a usable system, since everything would be built from the sources. On a dual core you might need something like 6 hrs to install everything up to QT 4.7.3.

    You'd have to decided whether it's worth the effort.

    But, you should upgrade your Xcode. It is far too old. I have 3.2 here. The current version 4 should also do the job, but you need to pay a little for it in Apple's app store. (about 5 USD)

    But you could alternatively also install the latest version of the older Xcode 3.

    Once you got Xcode set up, just follow MacPorts' instructions to install MacPorts on your machine.

    You'd have to run
    sudo port selfupdate
    at some stage. Then you would run
    sudo port install qt4-mac
    To get the latest QT4 installed on you machine.

    Good luck!


  • Before going to macports, I recommend to either install the SDK parts manually. That's mainly Qt Creator and the framework libs itself, both are available as precompiled binaries on the download pages. Optionally one can go with building the framework libs manually, that's not a hard task. Macports brings in a big bunch of unnecessary stuff which you do not need to develop using Qt. XCode is a prerequisite for all three options (SDK, single binaries, macports).

  • Yeah, you are right, Volker! :-)

    (That's why I underlined that it is very time consuming and a lot of effort.)

    Looks like kitten got Qt Creator already up and running, from what I saw in another post.

  • dear how can i do that?

  • Do as Volker said above: install everything manually. Avoid MacPorts. :-)

    BUT, I'd recommend to upgrade Xcode to something more up-to-date. Your version 2 seems to be ancient. Xcode4 just came out, but version 3.2.6 should be fine too.

  • i was download libs and debug and qt creator seperately but i can't set toolchain and other options
    how can i run a successfull qt to compile my code?

  • I am sorry, but my knowledge of setting up QT manually is zero, since I just use it via MacPorts. I hope that Volker can give you further advice.

  • i wad download and install these but i can't configure it
    qt creator mac opensource 2.2
    qt mac carbon open source (both )

  • is there anyone can help me?
    it's urgent

  • Calling something "urgent" is most likely to slow down answers (cf. to please).

    Qt Creator automatically detects the toolchain for you. So it seems you do not have set up XCode properly. Please check this. Open a command line window (, type in "gcc -v" and look if that works. If not, your XCode setup is messed up.

  • hi i'm sorry for my bad english,because i am not an english man
    i think the xcode install correctly my gcc works well i can compile a rough c++ code by gcc
    i think it is because the gcc is old i can't run qt creator correctly

  • As I've written above: If you can, consider upgrading your Xcode!
    (Sorry, that I can't be more helpful in this matter.)

  • Upgrade to the most recent version of the XCode 3.x series.

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