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How to add debugger

  • I'm on Windows 10, I use the Visual Studio 2013 compiler but I don't have a debugger installed in Qt Creator. How can I install a proper debugger? Earlier I too a look at this page but it didn't really help me. Shouldn't all those necessary elements(compiler, debugger) be installed while installing Qt automatically?

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    Hi, please use search before posting. This question is asked, answered and discussed roughly every week. In short - get a copy of Windows SDK and during installation check only the "Debugging tools for windows" option.

    As you might know Visual Studio and CDB are owned by Microsoft and their licensing does not allow bundling them with most 3rd party software, especially a competing IDE like Qt Creator. If you want a "one stop" package use the MinGW compiler. The Qt package for it contains the Qt library, the compiler, debugger and Qt Creator automatically set up to use them. With Microsoft's toolchain you'll have to install it first separately. No way around it.

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