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Qt 5.6 WebEngine problem with custom FlashPLayer locations

  • According to Qt 5.6 › Qt WebEngine › Qt WebEngine Platform Notes › Adobe Flash Player Plugin Support (section) :

    You can also load the Flash player from a specific location by using command line arguments:


    ...but it is not working.

    Suggestion in the first paragraph works though:
    "The Adobe Flash player plugin can be loaded automatically if it is installed in one of the following locations, depending on the platform:"
    If I copy to default path (that is also searched by WebEngine it works...

    I mean using custom path works if I do it from command line too like:

    app.exe --ppapi-flash-path=./pepflashplayer.dll

    but it is not working when I do it in code like:

    QApplication a(argc, my_argv);
    qDebug() << "my_argv: " << qApp->arguments(); // ("C:\\temp\\app.exe", "--ppapi-flash-path=./pepflashplayer.dll") 

    so my_argv should be passed down to WebEngine but not honored
    Is this a known bug in WebEngine...

  • I've found a few similar bugs but they are all fixed...

    The only possibility left is that Chromuim doesn't use QApplication's argv and relies on arguments retrieved by GetCommandLine()
    My question is - is this a bug or it is by design and what is the point of having qApp->arguments() if they aren't passed to QWebEngine?

  • I opened a bug report QTBUG-51971

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