QTextTable rows and columns dynamic resizing (qt 4.8)

  • Greetings everyone.

    I have to create WYSIWIG text editor which can work with tables. Is there any sane ability to change single column's width and single row's height dynamically? I found QTextTableFormat::setColumnWidthConstraints() method but the fact that there is no twin method like QTextTableFormat::setRowHeightConstraints() makes me confused about sanity of that logic. These hesitations are also forced by the fact that offered method to change column constraints through QTextLength applied to QTextTableFormat requires total recalculation of all columns with fixed sizes (absolute in pixels or relative in percents) when in fact theirs sizes are to remain variable.

    And is there any ability to detect whether mouse pointer is above the cell border (or at least to detect which object is under current mouse position)?

    Thanks in advance.


    According to this bug report lack of twin function for row height modifying really takes place in current Qt versions.

    But question about detecting objects under mouse pointer is still unresolved.