combobox drop menu style on Mac OS X

  • Hi everyone!

    I have a question about combobox style. In my application I need to change dropdown menu style. I found this:

    style: ComboBoxStyle {
        __dropDownStyle: MenuStyle {
            frame: Rectangle {
                implicitHeight: 200
                implicitWidth: control.width
                color: "green"
                clip: true
            itemDelegate.label: Text {
                color: styleData.selected ? "red" : "black"
                text: styleData.text

    But on OS X this code does't work. How I can change menu style for combobox?

  • On OS X, it's a native menu popup that you can't style using QML.

  • @jpnurmi Thanks for the reply. This bad news. I think I need find another way for solve my problem. I'll let you know about any progress in this.

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